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Brady Haran
Brady Haran
Test Tube film maker Brady Haran

In true scientific style, Test Tube has evolved.

It started in September, 2007, when Brady Haran was appointed filmmaker-in-residence for Nottingham Science City.

Test Tube's purpose was to show science in a new light - warts and all.

Brady said: "I didn't just want pretty pictures or a constant stream of 'breakthroughs'.

"I wanted to show what real scientists are like and how they work.

"Along with the spectacular, this can include disappointments, hardship or just some hard slog on a tedious experiment."

The project is overseen by The University of Nottingham's Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Professor ChrisRudd.

The initial plan was to produce a feature-length documentary film - but another idea was brewing.

When work started, Brady took his raw material and turned them into a series of "filmlets".

These were posted on this website and video sharing website, YouTube.

It became apparent these filmlets were a form of documentary unfolding in real-time, and the format proved popular.

Brady said: "In many respects this is more effective than a one-off film... far less material ends up on the cutting room floor and viewers get to see more of what goes on behind the scenes."

Ideas of a "typical documentary" were put on the backburner, and Test Tube is now about the raw material.

It's only lightly edited and often available for viewing the day it is filmed.

The project has received global recognition, including the recent awarding of an International Business Award.

The University of Nottingham, which oversees the project, has since extended Test Tube and it remains an ongoing project.

Brady has since created other websites about science, including The Periodic Table of Videos. It features a film about every element on the periodic table and is well worth a visit.

He is also behind Sixty Symbols, a collection of films about physics and astronomy.

Both are collaborations with The University of Nottingham.

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